Solutions for Educational Institutions
If your educational institution does not use "Mano dienynas" yet, you are welcome to get acquainted to the functions and advantages of this system. "Mano dienynas" can be used by any educational institution:

   Pre-school educations;
   Main education schools;
   Vocational training institutions;
   High Schools;
   Private and other training institutions.

"Mano dienynas" is applied to each institution according to its specific and individual needs.
Electronic diary "Mano dienynas" is one of the main part in project "Secure e-school". Our suggested solutions provide an effective school administration service, simplifies the information for parents,  communication among teachers and also increase safety of students.

"Secure e-school" project consists of:
   Electronic diary "Mano dienynas";
   Administration and personal management system;
   E-library system;
   E-cafeteria system;
   E. payment system;
   Access control system;
   Video surveillance system;
   Integration with Vilnius city card;
   Room rent system.

First safe school project (electronic diary related to school entry controle system) was implemented in 2010 in Kauno Tado Ivanausko secondary school. Also this decision is being implemented in Mazeikių Kalnenų primary school, Vilniaus Petro Vileisio progymnasium.

From the end of 2012, the company carries out Vilnius City Municipality project "Modern-safe school solution." This project is being processed in seven schools of Vilnius. Due to this project there will be installed systems that will allow automatization and optimization of everyday school activities.