"Mano dienynas" application for registered students and their parents will allow to have an electronic diary even closer - on your smartphone.
Application "Mano dienynas" will let you to:

   Find out the education grades and review the attendance;
   Compare the academic performance of the whole class;
   Review the comments and compliments of the teachers;
   Write/receive internal messages;
   See the schedule;
   View homework and class work list.

Attention. The new application will work on Android 2.3 and iOS 7.0 operating system versions.

After activating "Mano dienynas Plus" these functions are enabled in the application:

Students rating.
This function will allow you to compare students' test rezults with other students and follow his progress in class or school by choosing a subject and a time period.

Push notifications.
Any new entered grade, new compliment, comment or new message will not be overlooked, becouse a new message will appear in your phones notification panel.

Childs' location (GPS) function.
1) Childs' location is renewed every 30 minutes so you can always check on him if you turn on the maps.
2) You can activate intence childs' surveillance when it is very important for you to see his location and movement.
3) You can set a radius on the map so if the student would cross it you would be informed by push notifications.
4) You can always check your shilds' location history by days and hours.

How to activate child surveylance function?
1) The child must be loged on to the mobile application with his login credentials;
2) Internet must be turned on on the childs' phone;
3) When the parent connects to the childs' location determination function the child will recieve a push notification in his/her phone to wich he has to agree to the suveillance;
4) On both phones in the general phone settings, in "Mano dienynas" program the function "Show messages" must be marked.

Parents and children can order "Mano dienynas Plus" by logging on to the system in "Mano dienynas Plus" website.

You will find "Diaryium" application by clicking the pictures: