You can easily connect with anyone from your school, create contact groups, see people online and communicate instantly.
Improves the learning school process through easy to use tools. "Mano dienynas" makes it easy to teach, to learn and to spread the information in the most effective way.
Our community keeps on growing and expanding internationally. "Mano dienynas" will be able to connect  teachers, parents and students from any part of the world.
You can access "Mano dienynas", connect to your friends and use your stored documents from any computer with Internet access.
Anyone with basic computer and email knowledge can start using "Mano dienynas" .
"Mano dienynas" is available to all smart phones with Android and Apple OS. With mobile push notifications parents will be instantly informed about the important matters.
"Mano dienynas" satisfies all modern web security standards, so you can trust all your data to us.  System administrators can change the rights to each user to access different  data.
You can save your precious time and computer space by storing and viewing school files stored in "Mano dienynas" cloud.
"Mano dienynas" keeps parents always informed about the  children matters in schools and the more information they see the happier they are.
Quick automatic reports for teachers and school administration are made just in a moment. The saved time can be used to more efficient actions than calculation.
While using mobile application parent are able to track child's location, select the radius in the map to be notified and revise child location history of any period.
Parents are able to see their child's improvement in school while tracking his/her ranking in class, in certain subject or in the whole school.
In case of system technical issues or any other questions, you will always be given a quick support from our Help Desk Centre.
"Mano dienynas"  is available in already 6 languages and even more languages are on the way.
"Diaryium" can be adapted to each educational institution individually based on its needs and requests.
You are important to us! We care about your opinion, we hear your needs and we grow with you!